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Antique Black Cast Iron 12×4 inch Vent Cover

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This Decorative black metal 12" x 4" cast iron floor grille is ideal for your floor or walls' air circulation needs. It can also be used for a chimney hole opening. The lily design will enhance your floor and the sturdiness of cast iron in this grate floor grill will endure a long life in your home or vacation lodge. The finished look is black matte. The inside dimension is 12 inches by 4 inches, the thickness is 3/8 of an inch and the outer rim is 1/4 inch thick. To ensure you select the right floor grille, use the grille’s interior dimensions – it should match the measurements of your floor opening. Screws are not included. Besides this Decorative black metal 12" x 4" cast iron floor grille, we offer a great selection of floor grates and floor registers for your many needs. Free shipping is available.

Material: Cast iron

Colour: Satiny Black Finish

Interior dimensions: 12" x 4"

Exterior dimensions: 13" 7/8 x 5" 15/16

Screws not included

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