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Wrought iron thumb latches

We have a great selection of wrought iron door Latches.

You will find in this category wrought iron and cast-iron door thumb latches. This door closing mechanism is very simple and very effective to allow the closing and opening of your doors. For our wrought iron latches selection, our craftsmen reproduce what we used to find in our hundred-year-old houses. With these simple vintage design, you can install anyone of our type of latches on your doors without too much difficulty. For hundreds of years, each village had its blacksmith that made this type of decorative but above all functional hardware.  They are made for doors up to 1″3/4 thick, however, if your door is thicker, the wrought iron clenches can be extended via a welding workshop in your locality quite easily. So, if you are looking for a hand-forged door thumb latch, we have the right product for you. Since our antique reproduction door latches are made of iron or cast iron, outdoor use will require much more rigorous maintenance than if your hardware would be installed inside. We recommend beeswax for the maintenance of our old wrought iron hardware. It is durable and easy to apply. You can find it at any good hardware store that have a selection of finishing products. For cast iron items, a light brushing to take away any residue and an anti-rust aerosol varnish will work perfectly to reduce the effect of time.