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Forged Trunk Chest Handle with Backplate


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Material: Wrought Iron
Color: Beeswax Finish (surface rust may be visible)
Style: Antique

A Forged Trunk Chest Handle with Backplate is a sturdy and decorative hardware accessory designed for use on trunks or chests. Crafted through forging techniques, the handle boasts a durable construction, ensuring reliability for heavy-duty applications. The accompanying backplate adds both aesthetic appeal and additional support, enhancing the overall vintage or rustic look of the trunk or chest. This handle is characterized by its hand-forged details, providing a unique and artisanal touch to furniture pieces while serving a functional purpose in facilitating easy lifting or carrying. Screws are included and free shipping is available.


Plate: 5'' x 2''1/8

Handle: 5'' x 1''3/8


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