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Vintage Doorbell Push Buttons

Bell push button and doorbells always make visitors feel comfortable before entering your home. It is a pleasing sound to hear to announce a guest at the door and with our beautiful selection, we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

Our surface doorbell buttons are made of brass or cast iron. Our doorbells operate with a push button. We offer our doorbell buttons in several finishes such as brass, antique copper, antique brass, and black finish. They are compatible with 12-volt low-voltage systems. Installation is simple, you just need to connect the wires from your old doorbell button to your new button by screwing them in.

When your door restoration project is nearing completion, you can add a unique touch and elegantly finish your renovation. Fine hardware is our passion, enabling you to realize your projects in a distinctive way. Antique doorbell buttons are always shipped with the screws for mounting.