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Barn Door Hardware

With our premium quality Barn Hardware, installing a space-saving sliding barn door is made easy.

We provide Barn Hardware so you can set up your own sliding barn door and add a distinctive, rustic-chic look to your interiors. Our sliding barn door includes the following hardware: wheel hangers, wheels, track spacers, handles, pulls, lag bolts, locks, and door stops. We also carry a selection of handles to achieve a personalized look. Our sliding barn door hardware includes stops, wheels, spacers, and lag screws for wall-mounting. Your rail should be drilled every 16″ inches for easy wall mounting on wall studs.

However, for superior support, we recommend installing a wooden board over the door, to better support the rail. Prior to installation, to position the rail properly you must measure your door. We also recommend pre-drilling the holes in your wall with a 3/16″ drill bit. Next comes the spacer: to hang correctly, the washer end should sit flat against the wall.

For the rail to be level, it is important to check if your holes are properly aligned. Once your rail is installed, mount the barndoor bracket with the wheel on your door. When your door is mounted on the rail, close the door to locate where the hole for the doorstop should be drilled on the rail; next, open the door and decide where to install the second stop hole. Once you have identified both hole locations, drill through the rail with a 1/8″ drill bit. Screw the stop plates to the rail through the predrilled stop plate holes and the holes in the rail and please note that currently, our sliding barn door system does not feature an anti-derailer.

To avoid accidents, it is recommended you explain to users how the rail works. This barn door kit moves laterally and not perpendicularly like most traditional residential doors.

The door is not included and free shipping is available.