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Cremone Bolt

For your windows the cremone bolt

A cremone bolt is a double door or casement window closure and locking system. A cremone’s opening and closure mechanism comprises an upper rod and a lower rod.  That slide through keepers affixed to the window or door frame. We provide all the accessories that are indispensable to install cremone bolts on your casement windows.  (keepers, hooks, hinges, rods and hardware). Cremone bolts add an antique look to your casement windows without compromising quality or practicality.

First to install your cremone bolt, first choose a location where pivoting the cremone mechanism is easy and does not exceed 36″ – the length of the cremone rods. Once you’ve chosen your location, turn the bolt and rod mechanism to the open position − with the rods retracted as far as possible inside the mechanism (small arrows inside the mechanism nearest its centre). Mark the rods where they meet the outside of the window casement. Cut the rods where marked (repaint rod with Tremclad antirust paint for a perfect smooth finish, if not rust may appear).

Install the mechanism on the cremone rods, and turn it to closed position.  The rods will extend to touch the window frame. Install the keepers on the window casement frame. Making sure your rods are lined up parallel to the sides of your window. Now position the bolt-end guides even with the edges of your casement window, and the guides near the centre of the rod.

Finally If you have questions about installing cremone bolts, please contact us for immediate assistance. Would you like to find out which manufacturers use our cremone bolts. Please contact us so we can provide you with the required information.