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Wrought Iron

Wrought iron Hardware from a blacksmith forge has been in our lives for thousands of years. Each town and village had its blacksmith(s) to carry out several projects whether simple or more complex. We try to offer our customers wrought iron hardwares that reminds as much as possible of what we found in our collective past. This know-how is important to us and we strongly believe that offering this type of hardware will perpetuate this important tradition. We offer wrought iron hooks, forged hinges, wrought iron latches, forged handles, wrought iron hooks, push handle and of course the famous rat tail hinge. Our quality forged hardware is durable and will allow you to carry out each project without having to go back and replace anything anytime soon. The hardwares from our blacksmiths forge are distinctive, simple, and unique because they are handmade by each of the craftsmen. Be its handmade design, each piece is unique, which will give an incomparable style to your restoration projects. Our wrought iron hardware is produced for indoor use. We apply a layer of beeswax to our hardwares to protect it from rust and it is recommended to continue applying your hardware with this wax to allow it to pass the test of time. We have what you’re looking for in decorative wrought iron hardwares, restoration project or simply for your decoration project